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Perthville Neighbourhood Group are a community based Not for Profit Association who liaise with government and non-government entities to advise the need for and request assistance to maintain and improve the village of Perthville and surrounding districts of Georges Plains, Lagoon, Wimbledon and Ben Chifley Dam.

We are a small, ever changing band of residents who strive to enhance the local community's lifestyle through effective management, community involvement, commitment to services and communication between the community, Bathurst Regional Council and any other relevant parties.

Our main roles within the community are:

  • To advocate and represent the community in relation to significant planning, development, heritage and environmental issues and the provision of services.

  • Management of the Perthville Community Hall (formerly known as the Perthville School of Arts Hall).

  • Owner and Co-Ordinator of the Perthville Community Sign.

  • Co-Ordinator's of the Perthville Village Fair and Perthville Artisans Spring and Autumn Markets

  • Keeping the community informed about local issues, events through both Facebook and our monthly online newsletter the “Perthville News”.

  • Convening public meetings or facilitating other types of consultation on issues of widespread community interest or concern.

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